No more embarrassing BattleTags as Blizzard lets you pay for more name changes

BattleTag name change

We’ve all been there, adolescence I mean. We’ve all pruned and preened to stand out from the crowd, even in the digital realm. And now you no longer have to live with the foul remains of the folly of youth.

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Until this weekend, Blizzard’s online community network Battle.Net would only permit changes to your unique identifying handle once, and if you weren’t quite out of the dark woods of puberty when you took that decision there’s a good chance you were, to put it mildly, quite screwed.

Now the one-time name change is just the one-timefree name change and even if you’re still happy to be known as KewlKelly or SnipeViper or ChaosSmurf now, you are only a few years and $10 away from redemption.

So if you’re stuck with a reminder of that one bad nickname from school, or you changed to Genji in a fit of post-Overwatch release hype only to realise Bnet isn’t Steam, you can now change your moniker…for a price.

See Blizzard’s blog post detailing of exactly where to go to cleanse your digital soul, or just blunder into Account Management and figure it out from there like the rest of us.