Blizzard accidentally leak WoW player’s email in latest Overwatch Sombra hints


Oops. Blizzard have leaked a World of Warcraft player’s email address in some artwork for the latest Overwatch comic. People dug into the comic looking for hints of rumoured upcoming hero Sombra. 

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The email address appeared in some background static on the comic’s cover, in the downloaded PDF version. Zooming the picture in revealed a distorted version of the WoW: Wrath of the Lich King login screen and there was an image visible of a person’s email address.

Knowing Blizzard’s penchant for cryptic clues, people assumed this was part of an ARG and have been emailing the account owner. Some have even been attempting to log in.

The whole issue has been subsequently raised on theBlizzard forum, with creative leadJeff Kaplan responding: “We had nothing to do with that. That whole development is a surprise to us and we would never direct people at a player’s account. Please do not email that address or try to log into that account. It’s not related to any of the Sombra hints.”

So Kaplan is admitting there are Sombra hints in there, but the email address isn’t intentional. If you do come across it, please be nice and don’t email the account.

How it ended up in there is a mystery for now, but we have reached out to Blizzard for comment. The Overwatch comic can be found on