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Get yourself into an Overwatch clan with the two best group finders currently available


Overwatch releases in just a short while. Being a team game where a communicating team with complimentary skills will always beat a collection of randoms, you’ll be at an advantage if you find some people to group up with. Luckily, there are already a couple of decent group finding tools to get stuck into. 

Like most of the titles in our list of the best multiplayer games, teamwork is key.

If you’re a clan looking for members or a player looking for a home, you can post to the overwatchlf.com message boards and tell them exactly the type of people you’re looking for.

It’s currently pretty simplistic, but it’s a good effort and the work of a single redditor who spent 100 hours putting it together.

Battle.net integration is planned, but there are already all the options you would expect otherwise: platform, microphones, skill level – all that good stuff.

If you’re looking for something more slick, though, there’s THE100, a super user-friendly group finder that asks you to fill in your details and desires and matches you with a group based on that.

Alternatively, pop your Battle.net tags in the comments here and let’s get a PCGN group fired into the fray. See you on the battlefield. They call me ‘MckKirk’.