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Jeff Kaplan has celebrated the holidays with a ten hour stream in front of a fireplace

Screenshot of Jeff Kaplan in front of fireplace

For many people, today is a holiday to spend with family, to celebrate the past year or, for some folks, it’s Christmas day. Maybe you’re spending the day with family, and, thanks to a livestream yesterday, you can now include your Overwatch family: Jeff Kaplan spent 10 hours on camera as a part of the Overwatch Yule Log, over on Twitch.

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Well, technically it’s just 9 hours, 54 minutes, and 46 seconds, but maybe Jeff just really needed the toilet after all that time on stream. It’s already had 233,000 views, because nothing gets you in the holiday spirit like Jeff from the Overwatch team.

Reported by PC Gamer, it apparently featured such action-packed moments as the fire going out (drama!), a little bit of Hearthstone (action!), and cookie-eating (mystery?). Unfortunately, we’ve not been able to watch the whole thing quite yet, although you can bet some of us will be putting Jeff up on the TV through Christmas day.

It’s also likely that some kind soul will find some of the highlights and put them together – the Overwatch subreddit has already picked out a few key moments, such as when Jeff got hit by a boom mic, getting his glasses knocked off. Who needs Home Alone or Jingle All The Way when there’s a new king of Christmas films?

You can watch the VOD of the stream on Twitch, or just below, where we’ve embedded it. We hope you’re having a wonderful holiday, Jeff!