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Overwatch’s new map is Blizzardworld, a theme park hybrid map

Overwatch Blizzardworld map

Overwatch’s latest map is a real treat: a theme park full of all your favourite Blizzard games. Yes, it’s mental. You can see it all in the video above. Blizzardworld will hit the PTR soon, and will go live early 2018. 

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You can spot several places in the trailer for the map that draw on Blizzard’s rich universe of games. Flight Duskwood, the Hearthstone Tavern, StarCraft base constructs, and even a Merchy-style Murloc character can be seen as the camera pans over this very meta map.

The one thing you won’t find in the park is Overwatch-themed amusements. Blizzard actually exists in the Overwatch universe, but they did not make a game based on the heroes that exist there. Thus, don’t expect a Tracer-themed rollercoaster.

The design itself is a hybrid of payload and control, so expect to be capturing points and pushing payloads. Yes, we said push. Get on the payload!