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Overwatch is about to start clamping down hard on griefers


Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan has announced that certain punishments for boosting and throwing matches in Overwatch games are about to get a whole lot worse. 

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Kaplan’s edict comes from a post on the Overwatch forums discussing smurfing, players’ thoughts on that, and other forms of griefing.

“Having a second account you play on is fine,” Kaplan wrote. “New accounts very rapidly adjust to play at the proper skill level.”

“Doing anything to manipulate your internal MMR or Skill Rating (i.e. Boosting or Throwing) is not fine.”

Kaplan went on to state that penalties for boosting and throwing matches are “about to increase dramatically,” urging players to report any behavior that might fall under that umbrella.

He added that, currently, reporting is still “being worked on” for console users. If you’re a player who frequently relies on these sorts of tactics during play, you might want to rethink your methods for the time being. Kaplan did not comment on what the tougher penalties might include.