Brigitte is in the “perfect place” for the Overwatch League

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Overwatch’s latest hero Brigitte has caused quite a stir since her release last month. While some feel the new support is overpowered, as most new heroes are, the Overwatch team don’t necessarily agree and are waiting until the dust settles before making any necessary changes.

Here’s why Overwatch has so many support heroes.

In an exclusive interview with PCGamesN, Overwatch’s assistant director Aaron Keller, and designer Adrian Finol, explained they currently aren’t sure whether Brigitte is overpowered or underpowered, however they believe she is currently working well within the Overwatch League meta.

“I think that we’ve gotten a lot of great feedback from all over the spectrum on Brigitte from really low level players up to Grand Master, and even Overwatch league players,” Keller explains. “Everyone sees a lot of potential with the character.”

“It’s interesting too because some Overwatch league teams say they really want to play her and add her to the lineup, and some of them say they won’t run her at all – which is sort of the perfect place to have heroes. I think we’re really happy with where she is now but we’ll have to keep an eye on her and see if there’s any changes we have to make.”

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The Overwatch team are being much more patient when it comes to nerfing Brigitte. Rather than making immediate changes based on fan feedback, they are playing the long game – waiting to see if changes would better the game as a whole.

“We have to be careful about being too reactionary about things,” Keller explains. “We like to watch things settle. As we’ve shown in the past we’re willing to change heroes for the betterment of the game, but we’re not always right and we’ll go back and change things. So we’re just gonna wait and see on her.”