Pornhub searches for Overwatch’s Brigitte top 2 million in two weeks

Brigitte pornhub

Brigitte, the latest hero to arrive in Overwatch, has been making quite the impact. As well as helping counter the game’s strong dive meta, she’s proving popular elsewhere, with Pornhub (via Rolling Stone) reporting an enormous spike in searches for the hero.

Some Overwatch heroes still have a big identity problem.

After the hero’s release on March 24, searches for the term “Brigitte” on Pornhub jumped by more than 6,200% in just three days. In the two weeks since her release, searches for Brigitte have topped two million.

That puts her popularity far above some of Overwatch’s other, ahem, desirable characters. D.Va is currently the second-most searched for hero, but people are currently more than four times as likely to search for Brigitte instead. To put it all in perspective, searches for D.Va in all of 2017 numbered a little under four million. Tracer, Widowmaker, and Mercy make up the rest of Overwatch’s top five.

While that’s quite a lot of searches in a short space of time, it’s not actually all that surprising. In Pornhub’s round up of 2017, Overwatch characters claimed the top three spots in a list of the sixteen most searched-for videogame characters.