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D.Va, Mercy, and Tracer win big in Pornhub’s list of the most popular videogame characters


Overwatch has cleaned up Pornhub’s list of the most popular videogame character searches of 2017. In the popular adult video site’s fifth annual year in review, the female cast of Blizzard’s hero shooter featured heavily, accounting for six of the sixteen most-searched characters.

Searches for Overwatch porn rose 817% when the game entered public beta.

Overwatch characters took the top three spots in the list, with Mercy, and Tracer both netting over 2.5 million searches in 2017. D.Va came first, however, with a huge spike in popularity, showing a peak increase 536% higher than in 2016, and just under four million searches.

Further down the list Widowmaker, Sombra and Pharah all also feature, in eighth, eleventh, and fifteenth place respectively. Other PC characters including Lara Croft, who came fifth, and Mortal Kombat’s Mileena and Kitana. Zelda came sixth, and the rest of the list was filled out with characters from Pokémon, including Misty, Ash, and even Pikachu, who rounded out the list in sixteenth place with 221,000 searches.

Elsewhere, the year in review revealed that controversial YouTuber PewDiePie was one of the most popular celebrity searches of the year. With over 270,000 searches, he came 26th on the list, between model Charlotte Mckinney and footballer Christiano Ronaldo. In the console battle, Pornhub revealed that 56% of their game console traffic came from PlayStation users, compared to just 32% from Xbox. You can check out the entire list here, and while it’s Safe For Work, you might want to open it Incognito.