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Game deals: Overwatch is $20 for the holidays

Overwatch cheap game deals

Before we hit the madness of the Steam Winter sale 2017 – which begins December 21 – Blizzard are launching their Christmas sale with cheap Overwatch. It’s around 50% off both versions, letting you nab the Game of the Year edition for less than the normal cost of the regular edition.

For the future of the game, here’s our ever-growing list of upcoming Overwatch updates.

The normal version will now set you back £16.99 / $19.99, while GOTY – which is some in-game skins you can’t get elsewhere, ten loot boxes, and various goodies for other Blizzard games – is £24.99 / $29.99. It’s all over on the Blizzard store and, for what it’s worth, the extra ten bucks/pounds is worth it if you play other Blizzard games, or know you’ll be buying loot boxes anyway. Otherwise, probably give it a pass.

It’s unlikely to be the last deal from big blue, as they usually put something on World of Warcraft as well, bringing the cost of the base game – everything but the latest expansion – down to around five of your local currency, so keep an eye out for that. The F2P games don’t get such luxuries, though the Hearthstone community has been begging for seasonal deals on card packs for a long time, so maybe this time.