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There’s a Chinese Overwatch clone that turns Winston into a panda


With over 30 million players and counting, Overwatch is a phenomenon. And yet, it’s unfair to say that other hero shooters such as Paladins, Paragon, and Battleborn are imitators, as they emerged contemporaneously. Well, if Overwatch hasn’t had a clone yet, it certainly does now: meet Hero Mission.

We doubt this will make our list of the best FPS games on PC, and not just because it’s on mobile.

Hero Mission is a Chinese hero shooter for mobile platforms. It has a vibrant roster that, putting it diplomatically, takes inspiration from Overwatch’s cast. There’s a sultry femme fatale named Black Widow; a McCree-esque cowgirl with, inevitably, very few clothes; and an assault rifle-toting cyborg named Soldier 9527, which presumably makes him 125.3 times better than Soldier: 76.

All subtlety is purged from Blizzard’s own inspiration, as Road Hog has now become a blatant copy of Immortan Joe from Mad Max: Fury Road, mask and all. In fairness to Hero Mission, though, there’s at least one area where I think they’ve improved on the original’s design: Winston is now a panda. There’s a legendary skin for your next event, Blizzard.

Overwatch isn’t the only property that Hero Mission riffs on (or rips off). There’s a Stormtrooper knocking about in the alternate skins, and Final Fantasy’s Sephiroth is standing in for Genji.

How many more can you spot? You can check out gameplay on YouTube courtesy of Tiểu NhấtorGamer Turkey(embedded below):

If you speak Chinese, feel free to learn more at the website. Thanks to ponpo on NeoGAF.