Doomfist’s rocket punch is the target of one of Overwatch’s quickest nerfs

Doomfist abilities

Overwatch’s much-anticipated new hero, Doomfist, was suddenly added to the PTR on Thursday last week. Less than two days later, he’s received his first nerf.

If you missed his arrival, here’s everything you need to know about Doomfist’s kit.

Specifically, the range of his rocket punch ability has been cut by almost a third. Here’s TanzNukeTerror with a GIF on the Overwatch subreddit, showing that his rocket punch now carries him a little further than 20 metres. In its original state, it took him roughly 30 metres.

Doomfist’s rocket punch is central to his kit – its forward thrust works in tandem with his jumping uppercut to provide most of his mobility, and it’s also crucial to his killing power, in that it’s capable of dealing 250 damage if it’s fully-charged and knocks its target into a wall. That’s enough to kill any hero that isn’t a tank.

Clearly Blizzard decided it was a bit much, but with Doomfist’s slow base movement speed, a nerf to its (very short) cooldown would’ve seriously hampered his mobility. Nerfing the range still gives him good short-distance traversal (rocket punch still travels further than Genji’s dash and refreshes almost twice as quickly), while putting a few more targets out of his reach.

It’s a good nerf, I think, if a very quick one – but then what else is a PTR for?