Overwatch’s Doomfist is live now – here’s what he can do

Doomfist abilities

Doomfist, Overwatch’s new cybernetically-enhanced Offensive villain, has just released, letting players finally test the anticipated addition.

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Doomfist release date

It’s official – Doomfist is out now, along with Overwatch patch 1.13.

Doomfist skins

Doomfist base stats

  • 250 Health

Doomfist weapon – Hand Cannon

Doomfist, as his name suggests, kills people with his fist, which is also a short-range shotgun.

Doomfist right click – Rocket Punch

Rocket Punch

After charging up, Doomfist’s big glove propels him forward. Followinga nerf shortly after his release, its maximum range is a little over 20 metres. It’ll hurt any enemy it hits, and do bonus damage if they then connect with a wall – up to 250 damage at maximum, in fact, which is a one-shot kill against most non-tank heroes.

Doomfist shift – Uppercut


Launch your enemies into the air with a swift uppercut to the chin, singling them out for a barrage from your teammates.

Doomfist E – Seismic Slam

Seismic Slam

Tap E and Doomfist leaps forward. When he slams into the ground, he pulls enemies close, ready for a blast from his hand cannon.

Doomfist Ultimate – Meteor Strike

Meteor Strike

Doomfist leaps into the air and crashes down like a meteor, causing significant damage to anyone who’s in the way. Enemies can see where he’s aiming and act accordingly.

Doomfist passive – The Best Defense…

When he deals ability damage, Doomfist gets a personal shield that must be destroyed by enemies to continue to do damage, making him perfect for guerrilla tactics.

Here’s the developer diary:

And here’s some gameplay: