Doomfist's gauntlet has been swiped from Numbani in Overwatch's PTR

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Update February 24, 2017: Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan told us the game's 24th hero isn't who we think it is, and we all assumed that meant Doomfist. However, some new developments have happened in the PTR. 

Numbani has been trashed. A fight has broken out and Doomfist's gauntlet has gone from its display case. Could this mean he's really coming? 

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Doomfist gauntlet gone

Have a look at our Imgur album for more shots of the scene.

Elsewhere, there was a private video added to the heroes playlist on the Russian Overwatch channel, but it's been taken down. The reveal is coming soon, whatever it turns out to be.

Update February 14, 2017: It's pretty much been public consensus that Doomfist is going to be the next Overwatch hero, but it looks like we were all dead wrong. 

In a post on, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan dropped a hint about the identity of the next hero being released. Or, rather, who it isn't. 

According to Kaplan, "24 is not who you think it is". So Doomfist, then? The 24th hero won't be Doomfist. 

Who it will actually be is a complete mystery. It's quite the relief after both Ana and Sombra were known about well in advance of their releases. 

Perhaps this is because they're making time for Terry Crews to come and lend his voice acting talents to the upcoming hero. We can only hope. 

Elsewhere, when asked about emotes, Kaplan also mentioned that creating a new hero is top priority for Blizzard at the moment. 

"We have multiple new heroes being worked on right now plus numerous events and event-related content," explains Kaplan.

"We're always asking ourselves 'what would make the biggest impact for the most people' when we prioritise. Right now, we feel like introducing a new hero to the line up would be more impactful to the game."

Update February 14, 2017: New music has been added to the menu on Overwatch's PTR.

Twelve seconds of ominous music have been added to the menu theme in Overwatch’s PTR, prompting the community to speculate that something big - perhaps even Doomfisty - is coming soon to the game.

The music has been posted to Reddit, and as many have pointed out, it’s the same music that plays in the cinematic reveal trailer in which Widowmaker and Reaper try to steal Doomfist’s big glove. 

As others have pointed out, however, it’s the music that plays at the beginning of that trailer, when the narration is recapping the backstory of Overwatch themselves. Though the Omnic Crisis isn’t named, the still images of soldiers fighting robots clearly imply that's what we're looking at. For those not familiar with the lore, this human versus robot war was the main reason for Overwatch’s formation. 

So to say this is 'Doomfist's music' is a bit of a stretch - it plays over an unrelated part of a trailer in which people are fighting over his glove. Redditor Flameofice says he’s “betting [his] chips on this being lore-focused content”.

And yet, taken together with last week’s discovery of PTR assets showing Doomfist’s glove’s casing broken (see original story, below), it gets a little heftier. Note that the casing is not actually broken on the PTR in-game at time of writing, we checked.

One thing's for sure, though: if this is the start of a Doomfist reveal, Blizzard are so far being every bit as subtle as they were when they first started seeding Sombra. Here's hoping they don't tease us for quite so long this time.

Original story, February 8, 2017: An eagle-eyed Redditor by the name of Venxa has spotted that the files pushed to Overwatch's PTR in its latest update include a model of Numbani’s payload, in which the glass case carrying Doomfist’s glove is broken.

Here's the model that Venxa found:

Check out the Reddit thread - incriminating pictures and all - here

It's a little odd that files like this would be pushed to the PTR, which is normally used to test balancing changes or new features, like the Bastion tweaks and server browser also applied in this very patch. Changing a game asset serves no obvious PTR purpose. Perhaps Blizzard have simply decided to use the PTR to tease new content now, or perhaps the files were shipped accidentally.

The PTR is down at time of writing as Blizzard fix some server issues, so we can't investigate for now, but as soon as it's back up everyone on that Reddit thread will probably jump into a Numbani custom game to see what's what. Perhaps we're looking at the start of another interminable ARG, but Blizzard say they've learned their lesson.

Numbani has a fair bit of significance in Overwatch lore. Also called the ‘City of Harmony’, it’s one of the few places where humans and omnics co-exist peacefully, and features a museum where Doomfist's glove is on display. Overwatch heroes battled their Talon rivals for that glove in an early cinematic trailer.

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