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Take a tour of Blizzard HQ and meet the Overwatch team with D.Va’s voice actress

dva irl

D.Va’s voice actress, Charlet Chung, has just published a video tour of Blizzard HQ, just in case you weren’t already sure that the cast of Overwatch were great. 

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Chung is pretty much exactly as I imagined D.Va if she was a real person, and she seems to have a real passion for her work. In the video, she asks her viewers to take some time to show appreciation to the team, rather than the voice actors, which is just lovely.

As well as meeting the various staff – including daddy Jeff – we get a little peek around their HQ. It looks amazing by the way. They actually have a Bastion voice changer that makes all your human words into boopidy beepy robot speak.

I’ve embedded the video above for you to watch, so have fun. Make sure you watch it to the end, if only to witness Jeff Kaplan unironically say “gg ez.”