Overwatch design flaw stops many disabled people from enjoying the game


Overwatch might be a game filled with heroes like Junkrat who sport prosthetic limbs, but it isn’t currently so friendly for a large group of real world people with disabilities. 

Hopefully some of the titles in our upcoming PC games list make up for it. 

Overwatch lets players swap freely between playing with a controller or using keyboard & mouse inputs. However, there’s a substantial group of people who find it much more comfortable to use a mixture of the two inputs, handling character movement with the controller and aiming with a mouse.

The issue arises from the UI, which toggles to show the relevant button inputs based on your control method, resulting in scenes like this:

Hanzo is a particular culprit, according to reports, with his arrows randomly switching up under the control scheme. There are also reports of issues with other heroes under the same circumstances.

A recent Reddit thread raised the issue in the hope of a response from Blizzard, as the developers currently haven’t acknowledged the issue, despite numerous forum threads.

The volume of the threads and the amount of replies suggests it’s a wider issue than you might first imagine. Blizzard have a previously good record with addressing complaints, with Jeff Kaplan himself responding to many forum threads personally. Hopefully he catches wind of this one soon.