People are speedrunning Overwatch’s hero gallery, which is as ridiculous as it sounds

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People will try get the world record for being fast at anything, be it eating a load of pies, or legging it down a running track. The latest speedrunning craze to sweep the videogame scene is an Overwatch hero gallery speedrun. Chances are, the current best won’t be beaten for a while.

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Now, how do you speedrun a character selection screen? It’s a legitimate question. Well, in this particular case, you drag your mouse cursor between two rows of heroes. If your cursor touches any of them, you fail.

The video that kicked it off is embedded at the top of this page, pulling it in in an impressive 32.12 seconds. The current champion, however, managed to do it in 53 milliseconds. Have watch below:

There’s a thread on the Overwatch subreddit dedicated to the phenomenon, and it’s been upvoted into oblivion. It’s incredible, really. And people say videogames are a waste of time. Who’s laughing now?