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Overwatch in World of Warcraft: Ogrewatch debuts at the Brawler’s Guild in next patch

World of Warcraft ogrewatch

In World of Warcraft patch 7.1.5, as anyone keeping up with our regular updates will be able to tell you, the one-player puzzle/challenge area called the Brawler’s Guild is returning. It brings a massive batch of new fights with it, and buried amongst them is the Ogrewatch – a familiar-seeming team of thieves, jetpack gorillas and cowboys, now destined to compete with Shrek memes over their name for all eternity.

As for the future of Overwatch, we’ve got you covered there too.

As revealed in Wowhead’s breakdown of the new brawls, there’s at least six characters confirmed to be parodied so far. They are:

  • Hudson, a jetpack-equipped, lightning spewing Hozen, WoW’s monkey-race, who also comes equipped with a barrier shield. Winston would be proud.
  • Dupree, a human in a cowboy hat with six-shooter and High Noon special ability. Not quite as deadly as McCree’s variant.
  • Stuffshrew, an explosive goblin who enjoys the odd maniacal laugh. Junkrat’s a tad more Australian.
  • Four others – Blinker (Tracer), Boarguy (Roadhog), Render (Reaper) and Steingardt (Reinhardt) – have been datamined, but have not yet shown up during testing. This sadly means we also don’t know what they look like, or their abilities.

The assumption is that the fight will be different each time it is undertaken, with three of the above jumping into the arena to try and take you out. It’s also possible the parody roster will expand further, or more characters will be used for other fights – 23 boss raid, anyone?

Wowhead posted a video of the fight against the initial three characters as part of their Brawler’s Guild round-up, seen below.