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Overwatch Uprising event is now live

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You can now read all the official details - modes, skins, videos and more - for Overwatch Uprising at that link.

Overwatch's upcoming omnic event is called Uprising, and you can watch the official trailer above.

We recently interviewed Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan and he spoke about the event. 

Overwatch Uprising Release Time

It's live now! Blizzard say there are over 100 collectibles in the event, including skins, emotes, intros, tags, and more. In the trailer, I spotted skins for Tracer, Reinhardt, Mercy, Torbjorn, Widowmaker, McCree, Genji, Bastion and Orisa.

Here are some of the skins you can see in the trailer:

Overwatch Insurrection Bastion

Overwatch Insurrection Genji Blackwatch

Overwatch Insurrection McCree Blackwatch

Overwatch Insurrection Mercy

Overwatch Insurrection Reinhardt

Overwatch Insurrection Torbjorn

Overwatch Insurrection Tracer

Overwatch Insurrection Widowmaker

Overwatch Insurrection Orisa

We know Orisa is based on the OR15 line of security robots. In Insurrection, it looks like she'll be getting a new skin based on the OR14 model, which were among the many omnics to turn on humanity during the Omnic Crisis.

Overwatch Insurrection Sprays

The leaked trailer also gives shots of several new sprays. We've posted a couple of notable ones below, but check out our Imgur album to view them all at full-size.

Reinhardt in the event is still kinda old, but this new spray depicts him in the flower of his youth. Turns out he was a blonde.

D.Va's competitive nature in development.

And we close with this look at young Widowmaker and her doting husband, which is rather tragic in the context of what happened next.

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Siilan avatarBen Barrett avatar
Siilan Avatar
11 Months ago

Doesn't it make more sense for that last spray to be Amélie and Gérard?

Ben Barrett Avatar
11 Months ago

Whoops, fixed. Cheers.