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Watch this supercut of every adjective Jeff Kaplan has ever uttered, for some reason

jeff kaplan

It’s tough being the face of a brand on the internet. Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan has to be the fall guy for every decision that affects Overwatch, and that means he’s taking the brunt of the assault from the web’s meanest trolls. But I’m not sure if this latest thing is mean, or just bizarre.

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That is a YouTube supercut of every single adjective Jeff has ever used in an Overwatch developer update, presented in alphabetical order. Why? Who knows. But the end result is oddly compelling, and if you need something to help you drift to sleep at night you can do worse than the endless, friendly droning of Jeff saying “cool” a bazillion times.

I only wish that we could’ve gotten a sneaky Kevin Nash tribute with “play” added to the list.

In actual Overwatch news, the team is still working on their solution to adequately punish toxic players. On the lighter side, the latest Overwatch comic was just released, offering a glimpse into everyday life in Junkertown and the meeting between Junkrat and Roadhog.