Jeff Kaplan is listening to your criticisms of Overwatch loot boxes

Overwatch loot box

Following the criticisms many people have been airing of Overwatch’s loot box system, Jeff Kaplan has taken to the official forums to acknowledge the discussion, and encourage people to continue to talk about it. 

In case you’re looking to buy some loot boxes, you’re in luck, because we’ve got all you need to know about Overwatch’s loot box system.

Since the Overwatch anniversary event started, people have begun to really voice their concerns surrounding the loot box system. The ideas that it’s too heavily based on grind, that it plays too heavily into the fear of missing out, that duplicates are unfairly rewarded, and so on have been hot topics.

While Kaplan hasn’t got anything to announce regarding any changes with the loot box system, it’s good to see that the team are reading these criticisms. The current event only lasts until June 12th, so it’s unclear if anything will change by then, but perhaps future events will take on a new system for their loot boxes.

In case you want to add to the discussion on Blizzard’s official channels, you can do so over on the official thread for it.