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The Overwatch universe is set to expand

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Blizzard have posted a job listing for an Overwatch writer, suggesting the Overwatch universe is going to expand and deepen in the future.

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According to the listing, Blizzard are looking for a “talented and experienced creative writer to join the Overwatch team”. According the the responsibilities, the role involves growing the Overwatch Universe and helping develop the game’s lore:

  • Quickly write and iterate on compelling dialogue for characters, missions, and scenes
  • Grow and add value to the Overwatch universe, while maintaining the vision
  • Contribute to the story development of the Overwatch universe
  • Write descriptions of the world, factions, characters, and history

Overwatch fans have been calling for ways to engage with the game’s lore since its launch. This demand led in part to last April’sUprising event, which took us back to a pivotal moment in Overwatch’s history – the Omnic Crisis. Players could take on the roles of the team’s original members and battle attacking omnics in King’s Row.

It’s also worth noting thatBlizzard are working on a new first-person game, which hopeful fans have speculated could bea single-player Overwatch shooter.

Since Blizzard have to let players have another crack at event-based skins, it’s safe to assume this April will see another event in which the Uprising skins will make sense. At the end of last year, we spoke to Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan about what shape that might take.

“Uprising… was a very specific lore event,” Kaplan explained. “I think we have some interesting plans to evolve what we’ve done in Uprising, but I’m gonna leave that a bit of a surprise right now.”