Lucio’s voice actor messing around in-character with other Overwatch talent is now a short SFM film


Update November 17, 2016: Inspired by the original video, a source film-maker has animated Overwatch’s voice actors on the Blizzard campus with their characters.

Perhaps best of all, this SFM video makes the best bit – the Symmetra bit, we all agreed while you were out – even better.

For the full lowdown on Overwatch patch 1.5, just click that link. 

Original voice actor Jonny Cruz is, as you might expect, a rather large fan:

It’s created by Greatdictator, an SFM creator who has been working with the tool for a good few years. More of his work over on his YouTube channel, including a bunch of Overwatch / TF2 crossover, if that’s your deal.

Original story November 8, 2016:Overwatch’s Lucio is pretty cool, right? Well his voice actor, Jonny Cruz, is actually way more cool, and he may have just won the internet with a single post.

He just put a video up on Twitter, showing him messing around with the Overwatch cast, all in-character, at BlizzCon. It’s the best thing I’ve seen today.

The footage shows Cruz getting booped by Sombra herself,Carolina Ravassa; he exchanges quips withAnjali Bhimani, voice actress of Symmetra; and he even propositions D.Va, portrayed by the impossibly high-pitchedCharlet Chung.Keith Ferguson’s appearance as Reaper at the end might be my highlight though.

Here’s the video:

Now watch it again, because it’s brilliant.

If that’s not enough Overwatch for you, you can see game director Jeff Kaplan talk about all the changes in patch 1.5 below.

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