Mercy’s Resurrection nerfed in latest Overwatch PTR

Overwatch Mercy patch 1.15

Overwatch’s kindly medic Mercy is a very different hero since her big rework in the last patch, which was applied to the live game a couple of weeks ago. It looks like Blizzard aren’t quite finished with her, as her new ult, Valkyrie, has been tweaked again in the latest PTR.

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Community manager Josh Engen announced the change on the forums. Valkyrie will no longer reset or reduce the cooldown on Mercy’s Resurrection ability – instead, it will now double its range.

Before Valkyrie, Resurrection was Mercy’s ult, and it instantly revived all heroes within a pretty large area of effect. Blizzard was concerned this encouraged passive Mercy play on the one hand, and was frustrating to play against as her opponents, as she could undo a carefully worked team wipe at a stroke.

Valkyrie’s current form resets Resurrection’s cooldown when triggered and reduces it to ten seconds from thirty while active, meaning it’s possible to get two Resurrections one after the other, or three in ten seconds. While it makes Mercy work harder to pull off these big team revives, it doesn’t really stop her from doing them. This change actually hits Mercy’s ability to do that.

Other changes in the latest PTR patch include a slight buff for Genji, in that – like Soldier: 76, Winston, and Bastion – stun attacks won’t disable your ult if they hit you during its starting animation. There are reports on the forums of nerfs to Junkrat’s RIP-Tire, Lucio’s wallriding and more, but without any official patch notes from Blizzard, evidence for all this is anecdotal for now.