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Overwatch’s Mercy can no longer use her ultimate when in the spawn room

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A stealth change – not included in the patch notes – has hit Mercy in the Overwatch PTR. It’s a relatively small change, but it will have a big impact on maps such as Gibraltar, since Mercy can no longer resurrect everyone from the safety of the spawn room.

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Previously, it sometimes felt like the other team would be punished for taking out a healing Mercy near a spawn room, since it meant she could soon be back in action with a charged ult. From there, she could resurrect her felled team and the fight could go on as if nothing happened.

This change, as noticed by Reddit user chomz147, means Mercy players have to at least leave the safety of the spawn room to pop their ult. See it in action in the video above.

It’s not something that will affect the vast majority of games, but it can be a huge annoyance when deployed right. I’m sure the community will see this change as a welcome one. Check out what else is coming in Overwatch patch 1.13 at that link.