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Overwatch’s netcode has been significantly upgraded

Overwatch netcode

Overwatch’s netcode has just had an overhaul, bringing it closer to showing the same thing for every player in a match. 

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If your internet is up to the task, a new update in Overwatch is improving the game’s netcode, so what you do and what your enemies see should be that little closer together.

Perhaps you don’t have a great internet connection though. If that’s the case, don’t worry, Blizzard’s system will just bring you back down to the quality the netcode was at before the update.

The change began life in Custom Games, but tinkering away has allowed Blizzard to roll it out across the other modes. The server is still making predictions, but the update should be an improvement across the board.

It’s not rolled out across every region yet, but Blizzard say it’s coming. Watch lead engineer Tim Ford and senior engineer Philip Orwig explain the whole thing far better than I can, with cute cups, below: