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Two heroes, six maps and a new game mode are in development for Overwatch


Big changes are coming to Overwatch. The current PTR already has some hefty tweaks, with Widowmaker’s scope speed increased, Junkrat buffed and an improved spectator mode added – letting viewers hotkey cameras and easily jump around the map – but there’s even more on the horizon. 

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Substantial Symmetra changes are also being looked at, as we know. In the video above, game director Jeff Kaplan gives us some of the specifics for this upcoming change.

It’s going to be a substantial tweak, but they’re currently not interested in making Symmetra a healer. Blizzard say that they would rather move the character out of the support category altogether than make her a healer to fit people’s ideas of that hero category.

The end aim is to make her viable in more circumstances, not just when defending the first point. Changes won’t come for her until mid-November at the earliest, however.

Blizzard are also actively working on more heroes, with one “very far along” and will “see the light of day sooner rather than later”. With all the Sombra hints that have been dropping, it can’t really be anyone else, can it?

There’s also another hero prototype that Blizzard are very happy with at the moment. It’s still early days, with placeholder models, animations and effects, but Blizzard think they’re onto something for some time next year.

As for maps, one has been playtested and now it’s just getting art put into it, meaning Blizzard are invested. It’s for an existing game mode, and there’s another one in prototype that’s further out.

Then there are four other maps that are in prototype for a new game mode, however they might not be released. The reason for this is because, often, Blizzard find that some heroes just don’t work in prototype game modes, and they want to make sure everyone is viable.

The ability to equip multiple voice lines and emotes is also planned. Check it all out in that video of lovely Jeff Kaplan up there.