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Overwatch will keep bringing back seasonal events, but they’ll see changes


Overwatch has had a pretty impressive run of seasonal events, ranging from holiday specials like Halloween Terror to even some story-driven content like Uprising. A couple of those have already returned a year later, and it seems Blizzard want to keep these events in rotation – but they won’t be coming back unchanged.

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“There will be more events this year,” assistant director Aaron Keller tells us, “and we’re committed to bringing back the events that we’ve already done. You’ve seen we’ve brought the Summer Games back, we’ve brought Junkenstein’s back for Halloween, and we’re really excited to do it. We’ve had a lot of new players join over the last year, and so many of those players didn’t get to experience any of the events that we had and so this is a way for them to be able to experience it.”

Even though those events will be returning, they won’t be unaltered. “We are making changes to some of the events. You saw with Junkenstein’s that we added heroes to the roster this year, we added an endless mode to it, and so we’re kind of taking an iterative approach to it. Kind of feeling out how much should we change an event year to year to keep it fresh for the players that have already played and allow the players that haven’t had the experience to get in and enjoy it.”

Hopefully Overwatch’s special moments continue to get better every year.