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Here’s how to sign up for the official Overwatch amateur esports tournament

Overwatch Open Division

We’re getting one step closer to the Overwatch League as the Overwatch Open League is now starting up. Open to all players who are ranked Master or higher (a skill rating of 3500+), it’s the next step in Overwatch esports.

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There are currently three Open Divisions: Western Europe, Eastern Europe, and Australia & New Zealand/Brazil/Latin America/North America/South East Asia. The latter one might be a bit packed, and support for more regions is planned in the future. Each region has its own unique signups, with Western Europe being managed with Faceit, Eastern Europe using Starladder, and the group of five regions with ESL.

For playing, you’ll get $10 of credit in your Blizzard account, with the top players getting bigger rewards for reaching the playoffs and beyond.

There are more details on the blogand the official Overwatch Open League site. Those links also include a way to work out which region you fall under on the official site. This first season starts July 3, and is open to anyone who achieved Master in season 4. If that’s you, and you’re signing up: best of luck!