Mei and Reaper are being buffed, in response to Brigitte’s arrival

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Overwatch’s newest hero, Brigitte, landed this week, resulting in the game’s meta being shaken up once again. In response, Blizzard are buffing two existing heroes – Mei, and Reaper.

Here’s everything you need to know about Brigitte’s weapons and abilities.

In a Q&A on the official Overwatch forums, lead designer, Geoff Goodman, revealed Mei, and Reaper are due to receive buffs in an upcoming PTR patch, which will “hopefully” release this week.

“We’re always trying to get ahead of the meta, and trying to predict what shifts are likely to take place,” Goodman explained. “In this case, we’re seeing some potential for a big tank meta on the horizon, especially with Moira just recently being released, and how good she is at healing multiple tanks.

“We’ve actually had this sort of meta game in the past and overall it seemed often seemed more frustrating for players than even dive can be sometimes.”

Overwatch Reaper

Goodman explained the two heroes, “could use a boost,” particularly if a tank meta is imminent. However, the team don’t want to buff heroes such as Roadhog, Zarya, and Ana, “until we can get a better gauge on how the game is shifting.”

We already knew there are no firm plans in place to adjust Ana, despite the fact Brigitte’s addition somewhat weakens her, but now it seems tanks Roadhog, and Zarya won’t be getting any love either.

Overwatch’s patch v1.22 is due to release on the PTR this week.