Topic of the Week: How is Overwatch doing?

How is Overwatch doing

It’s the ever on-time and regular topic of the week, and this 7-day period we’re discussing Overwatch – specifically, how do you think it’s doing? Patch 1.1, its first major adjustment in a number of ways, is now on the PTR, marking the end of its first phase since release.

Want to know about the latest patch? Here’s everything on Ana Amari, Overwatch’s first new hero.

If you’re playing it, we want to know what you think. If you’re not playing it, either at all or anymore, we want to know why. It immediately became one of the biggest games in the world – does it deserve that moniker? We may have given it a great score in our review, but we made it clear that what came next was more important than what it was like on launch.

So, how has it done? Do you think it’s balanced, do you like the way the development team communicates and alters the game? If it doesn’t interest you, what would it have to add to do so or do you think it’s beyond saving ? What do you think of the new hero, Ana Amari, be it in mechanical design or character?

These are our questions. Answers, and further thoughts, on a comment-shaped postcard below.