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Topic of the Week: How is Overwatch doing?

How is Overwatch doing

It's the ever on-time and regular topic of the week, and this 7-day period we're discussing Overwatch - specifically, how do you think it's doing? Patch 1.1, its first major adjustment in a number of ways, is now on the PTR, marking the end of its first phase since release.

Want to know about the latest patch? Here's everything on Ana Amari, Overwatch's first new hero.

If you're playing it, we want to know what you think. If you're not playing it, either at all or anymore, we want to know why. It immediately became one of the biggest games in the world - does it deserve that moniker? We may have given it a great score in our review, but we made it clear that what came next was more important than what it was like on launch.

So, how has it done? Do you think it's balanced, do you like the way the development team communicates and alters the game? If it doesn't interest you, what would it have to add to do so or do you think it's beyond saving ? What do you think of the new hero, Ana Amari, be it in mechanical design or character?

These are our questions. Answers, and further thoughts, on a comment-shaped postcard below.

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AnAuldWolf avatar「Spaerk」 avatarJenks avatar[Wahr] Eogard Murphy is real avatar
Jenks Avatar
1 Year ago

Not really interested, I don't like the art style and the gameplay makes no sense in relation to the story they seem to be pushing pretty hard. This year already gave us PvZ GW2 which is another class based shooter (a game Overwatch should actually be compared to, not Battleborn which is an FPS moba. Overwatch = TF2, Battleborn = MNC. Not the same genre). PvZ GW2 has gameplay that makes sense compared to the story (as silly as it may be), really great art, and most importantly TONS more content than Overwatch.

[Wahr] Eogard Murphy is real Avatar

The game is in a solid state right now. And the patch in the ptr is really good. They fixed hitbox for Hanzo arrow, Dva buff is great, Zenyatta is godlike, no stacking hero for comp is great and welcomed.

The communication around the game is an example to all dev. We know 4 new maps are on their way after completing the different validation process, new cosmetics are coming this summer and we also know that hey are working on the s2 for comp.

The game is still tons of fun and with Ana comes new mechanics such as "sleep" which is an alternate version of a stun, longer duration but the target will wake up if they take damage, which will require communication to be very effective. She lacks mobility but her kit is really strong so the placement during team fight will be the real challenge and will part good Ana from average ones.

AnAuldWolf Avatar
1 Year ago

You know how I feel. I mean, they add an 'old woman' and only her eye actually looks old on the in-game model, the rest of her face looks either young or mid thirties with cosmetic surgery. The eye looks only around what someone in their mid to late forties would have, hardly the face of a woman in her late fifties would have, is it?

And this is after Zarya having body armour that suggests an hourglass figure. The Metroid Prime lady having a mecha thong. That other lady having no pants and stripper boots.

Battleborn isn't perfect. But at least it has women that are weapons rather than sex dolls. If you tried to sexualise one of the Battleborn women they'd leave numerous holes in you, because that's how they are. They're not going to be in a porn 'zine being fapped at by in-game characters (which was an actual thing in the Overwatch beta).

I just don't like or support the skeevy-as-hell sexism in Overwatch. It puts me on edge. So that's one thing.

That and absolutely nothing about it is consistent, the lore contradicts the game, the lore contradicts the aesthetics, and absolutely everything contradicts everything else. It's a hot mess. You have a Pixar aesthetic coupled with talks of war and death, you have prolicide as a mother puts a bullet between her own daughter's eyes, you have a girl gunning down her best (gorilla) friend in the whole world, and... I don't know. To say it's tonally confused is an understatement. It doesn't know what it wants to be. It has no identity. It's the most vapid extrovert ever known, reinventing itself every two seconds. It just doesn't appeal to me. At least in Street Fighter people were only fighting to a knock out, after all. Rather than trying to, you know, murder each other. So that's less confusing.

Which is actually how it is in Battleborn, too, if you pay attention to the lore. There are no 'kills,' just knockouts. When a character goes down they're suspended in a stasis field to prevent more harm, after which a player gets them up with a sustained burst of emergency healing, or they're teleported back to a healing station. So those are fights to knockout status, too, rather than death.

So while Battleborn has its troubles, I'm sticking with that as my hero shooter go to.

「Spaerk」 Avatar
1 Year ago

How much does Gearbox pay you for the relentless Battleborn shilling?