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Overwatch is having a Puppy Rumble and it’s as cute as it sounds


This is not a drill. But do keep calm. Overwatch is hosting a Puppy Rumble to celebrate the Year of the Dog and it looks like it will be preposterously adorable.


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Every year, Animal Planet hosts the Puppy Bowl, an annual fur-tastic competition that sits alongside the Superbowl (but who cares about that?). In the Puppy Bowl, rescue puppies battle it out to be “top dog” by playing a – definitely not guideline-approved – version of American football. It’s both adorable and funny to watch but it’s also is for a good cause, raising awareness for the rescue puppies who need to be rehomed.

Lucky for us, Blizzard have taken a leaf from the Puppy Bowl’s book, or should I say piece of kibble, and are hosting their own Overwatch Puppy Rumble on Twitch to celebrate their Year of the Dog event.

Blizzard announced the event on Twitter, much to everyone’s delight, alongside a teaser video of what we can expect.

From the video, it seems we are getting adorable dogs, partially dressed as Overwatch characters, battling it out while shoutcasters commentate the whole thing. It sounds like heaven.

There’s no word on whether the puppies are rescues, like the Puppy Bowl contenders, but hopefully they are and the event is a prime way of getting them new, loving homes.

Overwatch Year of the Dog Puppy Rumble airs today at 15:00 PST (23:00 GMT) and is available to watch on Overwatch’s official Twitch channel.