Overwatch gets a touch of Mario Kart with Overwatch Racing, thanks to the Workshop

The Workshop's latest creation makes a decent fish of turning Overwatch into a racing game

Overwatch Wrecking Ball Hammond

Yearning for the friendship-destroying anarchy of Mario Kart on PC, yet too wholesome and pure for Grip’s gritty sci-fi aesthetic? You’ll want to check out the latest custom game mode in the Overwatch Workshop. Overwatch Racing makes a decent fist of turning Blizzard’s hero shooter into a racing game, with increased move speed, custom hazards, and even a podium finish ceremony.

Five maps have been tuned to work with the mode, with the addition of speed rings and freeze traps among to make racing through each level a little more interesting. Three of the game’s heroes are supported as racers: Widowmaker, Lucio, and Hammond. In each case, the cooldown on movement abilities such as Widow’s grapple-hook has been reduced to make them more mobile still.

This lends a slightly different feel to each racer. Lucio needs to keep the speed from his wallride ability while (obviously) keeping speed boost active, while Hammond and Widow are all about grappling at the right places.

You can take a look in the gameplay video below courtesy of YouTuber Daniel Fenner, who co-created the game mode with streamer Dane Fairbanks:

YouTube Thumbnail

The mode builds on Fenner’s previous attempt to do Overwatch racing in the base game using two teams of Hammonds. The video for that is here so you can see the difference – the Workshop mode is far faster, to say nothing of the new hazards and the podium finish. Use code Q8KT7 if you’d like to give it a try.

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And it’s far from the only brilliant creation. We’ve got a list of excellent Overwatch Workshop codes for you to check out, including gun game, Silver Surfer Mei, and D.Va’s Bumper Kart.