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Here’s Overwatch being played using a baguette


An ingenious Overwatch fan has made the most delicious gaming peripheral ever seen: a motion-controlled baguette gun.

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Giving the Great British Bake Off a run for its money, Dylan “Rudeism” Beck has combined a breadboard (a conveniently-named piece of electrical equipment) and a tasty baguette to control Overwatch’s French sniper, Widowmaker.

In the tweet above, spotted by Polygon, you can see a brief demo of it working just like a lightgun. The movement and firing controls are mounted to the side of the bread, and the movement of the loaf is tracked for aiming.

If you want to see it in live gameplay conditions, Rudeism is streaming his baked creation on Twitch right now. If you can’t watch live, a VOD is also available.

This isn’t Beck’s first rodeo, as he’s known for making controllers out of all sorts of bizarre stuff. He’s played more Overwatch with bananas, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with a blender, and a Rock Band guitar to play Rocket League.

The worst bit? He’s still better than me at all three of them.