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Korean politician gives herself play of the game in Overwatch-themed campaign video

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Sim Sang-jung is in the race for the South Korean presidency right now, as the nominee for the left-leaning Justice Party. But in her spare time, she's smashing it on Overwatch, if her latest political broadcast is anything to go by.

If Overwatch isn't your thing, maybe try out a more traditional FPS.

No-one can accuse her of not being down with the kids and while I have no idea what she’s saying, I can only assume it is the political equivalent of a 6-man Zarya ult. The clip, which allegedly took place on the King’s Row map, shows her taking down political opponents with slick debate, as opposed to cartoon violence.

If you want to give Overwatch a try, head on over to the official website and grab yourself a copy.

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et operiet ipsos formido avatarBen Burns avatar
et operiet ipsos formido Avatar
10 Months ago

I was expecting serious cringe but came away rather amused.

For those wondering about the content:

It's a series of clips showing her grilling various ministers for not doing their jobs in a really direct, stop-with-the-bullshit manner (is such and such ministry even capable of doing their jobs, what specifically is being done about such and such disaster beyond speechifying, how can such and such an indignity happen in this day and age, etc.), to which the response is chagrined silence in each instance (hence the elimination ticks). The final clip (presumably the ult) is a rather boilerplate speech about filial duty.

I wonder, though, if they received (seems highly unlikely) or even sought permission to use ActiBlizzard IP in this manner.

Ben Burns Avatar
10 Months ago

No way! Thanks for the translation. I was wondering what was actually being said.