Lucioball doesn’t base its matchmaking on your competitive Overwatch SR anymore


Update August 10, 2017: Blizzard have been hard at work fixing many of the bugs introduced by the Summer Games update.

Top of the list is a fix to Lucioball matchmaking, which currently matches players by their unrelated competitive skill rating, and will even stop you from grouping with friends on that basis.

Here’s the rundown of all the Overwatch Summer Games 2017 skins and victory poses.

Game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed on the forumsthat it’s unintended, that they’ve found the issue, and that it has been hotfixed in a client patch as of yesterday.

“Hope this clears things up,” Jeff says. “Really sorry this happened.”

This isn’t the only bug Blizzard have had to squash in what’s been an unusually buggy update. Here are a couple of others:

We’ll keep an eye on things, but for the very latest, there’s a handy thread on the forums that’s tracking the Summer Games issues and Blizzard’s efforts to fix them.

Original story August 9, 2017:Overwatch’s Summer Games have returned for their second year, bringing with them Lucioball and a slew of hot new skins. Also, bugs – many, many bugs. Just like real summer.

YouTubers Your Overwatch have a quick video running through the new quirks, some of the most problematic of which concern your skill rating. Not only do they report gaining no Skill Rating (SR) from a win, they somehow managed togainSR after a loss.

That’s one of many bug reports that are echoed in the Overwatch forums, where two to three new threads are getting posted every minute, and you have to click through almost three pages before you find one that’s more than two hours old.

Players are reporting endless queues to get into games, especially for Lucioball. Some are even struggling to get into Overwatch itself, with Your Overwatch reporting infinite queues even when the launcher says only one person is ahead of them.

Problems with groups are another common theme, with players reporting getting locked into groups or randomly being switched to the other team.

Also: your SR in Lucioball is derived from your SR in Overwatch’s competitive play. That’s not really a bug – more of a nonsensical design decision. What if I’m good at Overwatch, a friend is bad, but we’re both comparable at Lucioball, which is totally different? Madness.

Here’s hoping we get a few fixes soon to sort all this out, because this has to be one of the buggiest updates we’ve seen in Overwatch yet.