Overwatch exploit lets you play as the Talon Heavy Assault tank and Junkrat’s RIP Tire

overwatch talon heavy assault cheat

The next Overwatch hero is always a big deal, a matter of endless speculation and frequent teases leading up to an official reveal. Somebody’s managed to uncover a new trove playable characters, including the Talon Heavy Assault tank from Retribution, the Detonator from Uprising, and even, uh, Junkrat’s RIP Tire.

These new additions might shake up our list of the best Overwatch characters.

Of course, these aren’t officially supported characters, but that hasn’t stopped one player from making use of them in competitive Overwatch on Korean servers, complete with at least some of the NPCs’ respective abilities. You can see that in action here, with the heavy charging.

Here you can see the RIP Tire and training bot.

There are plenty more examples collected on Reddit. It’s not clear exactly how this happened, whether it’s a glitch, a hack, or some other exploit, but the fact that the player keeps switching characters certainly indicates that it’s repeatable. The Heavy Assault, at least, has health values far beyond anything fair, so this is potentially a game-breaker.

It’ll likely soon be fixed – or everyone who knows how to do it will soon be banned – but in the meantime, let’s just revel in the absurdity of the whole situation. You probably won’t see the exploit cropping up in your next elimination match, after all. (I hope.)