Overwatch This episode 13: Overwatch in 2017 – heroes, modes, skins and events

Overwatch This episode 13

Pulling the payload into a station stop for the year it’s the final episode of Overwatch This for 2016. We’ve our hopeful hearts and keen minds set on the future of the game, from the ones and zeroes that make up the shooty bangs themselves to the wider universe of comics, animated shorts and girlfriends called Emily.

Everything, and I mean everything, Blizzard have actually said about future Overwatch updates has been catalogued by us.

Always winning 3-0 in discussion topics this week it’s:

  • The game in 2017, and the biggest challenges that Blizzard has to solve.
  • What we’ll see from animated shorts in the next 12 months – about who, how many and when?
  • Events and cosmetics – Chinese New Year? Easter? The return of the Summer Games?
  • The Overwatch League will be massive in 2017, but it won’t fully develop, we think.

As always, do sub to our YouTube channel for more. We’ll be back in two weeks with the first episode of 2017, desperately hoping something happened despite Blizzard being totally out of office the whole time. Next week you’ll have a lovely blooper reel to enjoy – Happy New Year, eh?

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