Overwatch This episode two: Halloween, BlizzCon, eSports and Widowmaker

Overwatch This Episode 2

We told you it would be weekly! Overwatch This is back for a heroic reunion tour, only with Phil instead of Joel because Joel was literally at Disneyland. He had a nice time, and so did we – watch it above.

For a complete list of everything Blizzard have said is coming next, check our dedicated Overwatch updates post.

On the discussion payload today:

  • The Overwatch Open happened, with a surprise victor – but how was it to watch?
  • Halloween’s coming up, so what will we see from Overwatch?
  • Equally close is BlizzCon and we think we know what we’ll see.
  • Widowmaker’s got changes on the PTR and players think they’ve found some significant bugs.

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