Overwatch This episode 25: Lucio, Orisa, balance changes and more

Overwatch This episode 25

Able to cross maps in a single bound, it’s the latest episode of Overwatch This. It’s a double-patch special as Blizzard launch a PTR and live patch almost simultaneously, both with massive changes.

For the latest on what happens next for the game, check our list of Overwatch updates.

Getting a massive speed boost due to leaping into the discussion today is:

  • Lucio. Great goodness lord almighty, that’s a bit different. Everything’s a little bit Titanfall now, it’s great, but is it overpowered?
  • Draws are dead, long live wins and losses. Is it too much?
  • Orisa and patch 1.9 make it to live – what’s she going to do next?

As always, further episodes are only possible with your undying love, support, likes and subscribes. More to come, as always.

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