Overwatch This episode 44: Deathmatch finally arrives, plus new hero changes on the PTR

OWT 44

It’s been a triple-whammy of big Overwatch news this month, and Overwatch This comes to you with the latest PTR happenings. Patch 1.14 is huge, and brings the much-requested deathmatch to your favourite character shooter.

It’s the game that never stops changing; find out what’s coming next in Overwatch

If Doomfist and the Summer Games just weren’t enough for you, then the news of new game modes all vs. all deathmatch and team deathmatch being added to Overwatch will be very welcome. You can play them right now on the PTR, but how about holding off for a few minutes while you watch our little show?

Also up for discussion is the great new map, Château Guillard, plus the new changes coming to four of your favourite heroes.

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