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Overwatch This episode 53: Mercy nerfed, Ana buffed, Blizzcon arrives

OWT 53

November is here and that means one thing: Blizzcon. Yes, every Overwatch fan’s most anticipated convention is finally here, and so Matt and Ben are here with one final pre-con episode of Overwatch This. What will we see at the show? When can we expect to see it? It’s all up for discussion. 

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There’s been a lot going on during the last two weeks, which means several of our previous predictions could be wrong. Jeff Kaplan has already revealed the new spectator system and how the Overwatch League’s uniforms will work, suggesting that esports won’t be the big focus. Does that mean we’ll be getting a surprise new hero? There’s only one way to find out, and that involves keeping a close eye on PCGamesN all the way through the Blizzcon weekend.

Elsewhere, Mercy is getting nerfed and Ana’s damage is being buffed up. Never a still moment for our favourite heroes, eh?

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