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Overwatch This episode 59: Winter Wonderland skins judged

Overwatch This episode 59

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the era of ranking new Overwatch skins to appease our rodent brains. With that in mind, we have a new episode of Overwatch This for you to gorge yourself on, revealing our thoughts and feelings regarding a new batch of skins for Blizzard’s FPS.

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As well as freaking out over Orisa’s puppy emote (aren’t we all?) we discuss the best and worst of hot Hanzo, cold 76 and all the rest. There’s also the new game mode, which Matt isn’t very good at but that’s okay, and a number of balance tweaks and reporting system improvements.

A good patch, and likely the final bit of major Overwatch news of the year. We aren’t done yet though, see you next week.