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Tracer’s girlfriend gets a mention in her new voice line

Overwatch Tracer Comic

With her only appearance being in Overwatch’s holiday comic, Tracer’s girlfriend Emily has finally been referenced in-game via a new voice line for the time-jumping heroine. Added in the recent PTR update for Blizzard’s shooter, Tracer’s other half now exists within the actual Overwatch game world.

See what else has arrived in Overwatch PTR patch 1.12.

Whether it’s directly related to the new Horizon Lunar Colony map remains to be seen, but it’s promising to see Blizzard tying in more aspects of Overwatch’s lore into the full game. You can hear the voice line below:


If you can’t hear it, Tracer says “I wonder if I have time to visit Emily? No, better stay focused.” Again, it’s unclear at this time if this voice line only plays on the new map, or if Tracer speaks this bit of dialogue at random before match start.

Overwatch has started to introduce more and more elements of its surrounding lore into the game via voice lines and sprays, with this particular bit of dialogue drawing greater attention to Tracer being a queer character. Who knows, we may see an Emily-themed spray in the near future, or a visual reference to her hidden somewhere on the Horizon Lunar Colony map.

In other Tracer-related news, Blizzard have partnered with Figma for a special Tracer figurine. She comes with three different face plates, along with her trademark Pulse Pistols and Pulse Bomb, so fans can set up a variety of different action poses. The video below shows someone swapping out Tracer’s expressions, as well as how to equip her pistols and Pulse Bomb.

Pre-orders for this Tracer figure are now live over on the Goodsmile Online Shop, with orders closing on July 27. Ordering from Goodsmile, the figure should cost around $57/£45 not including shipping, so do check Goodsmile-affiliated stores within your region to avoid paying exorbitant shipping and customs fees. The figurine won’t actually ship until December, so it’ll be a great gift to stick in the stocking of a Overwatch fan.