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Overwatch Valentine’s voicelines datamined, breaking hearts of Mercy fans everywhere

Overwatch Valentine's

Blizzard said they won’t be doing proper Valentine’s or Easter Overwatch events, but it looks like they’re going to drop at least a little update. Dataminers have uncovered some new voicelines about chocolate, and Pharah/Mercy shippers are going to be a little disappointed unless there’s plenty more tucked away. 

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It’s Genji and Mercy exchanging gifts this Valentine’s, according to the uncovered voicelines. Chocolate, to be precise.

In fact, if there’s one takeaway from these new lines, it’s that Genji loves chocolate. Presumably he takes his mask off to eat them, who knows.

Anyway, here’s Genji asking Hanzo if he has any chocolates:

Now it’s time for Mercy and Genji – ship it:

Genji also returns the favour: