Neither South Korea nor China have lost a single game in the Overwatch World Cup so far


In esports, teams from Asia are usually pretty dominant. And, by pretty dominant, I mean some teams experience genuine fear when going up against some of the greats in that region. Turns out, Overwatch is no different: out of the three Overwatch World Cup group stages, both the Chinese and South Korean teams came out 12-0, not dropping a single game.

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It’s both an impressive and intimidating score – they’ve both qualified for the quarter finals alongside Sweden, France, Australia, and Canada. Assuming they both come out on top in those games (which, let’s be honest, sounds like a likely outcome), they’ll be facing off against each other in the semi finals.

With the South Korean team, this becomes even more impressive as, in the group stages, they played every hero except Symmetra at least once. Evenstar6132 over on Reddit was the one to point this fact out, which just goes to show how far ahead the South Korean team are compared to the rest of the world. Who needs a strong meta draft when you can win with just about anybody?

The final group stage takes place this coming weekend, August 11 to 13. It’s taking place in Santa Monica, and has teams from Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Israel, New Zealand, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States. If the initial rankings are anything to go by, the United States and the United Kingdom should come out on top, but anything could happen.