Overwatch’s closed beta is taking a break; it’s not you, it’s Blizzard

Overwatch beta ending

You’re good together; there’s no denying that. You’ve had fun times, and even when things haven’t been going brilliantly, you’ve always stuck with each other. But every relationship needs breathing space, and that time has come. The Overwatch closed beta is taking a break from you. 

Don’t worry, though. It’ll be coming back soon.

“This phase of development has been key, but now it’s time to analyze the data we have, dig into your feedback even further, and put that knowledge to use as best we can,” reads the announcement from Blizzard. “To accomplish this, we will be bringing the Overwatch Closed Beta offline for an extended break beginning on Thursday, December 10 at 9:00 a.m. PST.”

The closed beta should start back up again in January, hopefully with some tweaks and improvements based on the mountain of feedback Blizzard have been given by players. And if you’ve had access to this closed beta, you’ll have access again when it comes back next year.

If you’ve not been invited to participate, don’t fret, because Blizzard plan to bring in a whole bunch of new testers when the closed beta comes back online.