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Mercy Mei - Overwatch's open beta had almost 10 million players


We knew Blizzard's FPS was popular, but we didn't know its public beta was this busy - the Overwatch open beta recorded 9.7 million players.

Do you think it will get a place on our list of PC's best FPS games?

Overwatch's open beta registering 9.7 million players in its open beta puts it in front of The Division, which managed 6.4 million. According to Ubisoft, that figure made The Division the biggest beta for a new IP since the current generation of consoles released. Looks like we have a new winner. 

To give you more context, even Star Wars Battlefront - an established IP based on a beloved universe - managed 9.5 million beta players. It's really impressive. 

What's more impressive is there servers showed no signs of this sort of traffic, which hopefully bodes well for the full launch. 

In total, these 9.7 million players fought for more than 4.9 billion minutes (over 81 million hours) across more than 37 million matches. This game is going to be absolutely huge.

Overwatch releases on May 24.

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Rock1m1 Avatar
1 Year ago

Loved the beta. I can't wait for this game to come out, will be playing for years to come.

skywardshadow Avatar
1 Year ago

Same here! It's just so much pure fun.

Col. Stump Avatar
1 Year ago

I agree. For all it's bells and's a let down. TF2 was the first thing that came to mind for me as well. There is no real character development other than increasing the damage/effectiveness of the static abilities of each character. No class evolution, no story to speak of and no adventure. Just a hand full of people killing each other over and over. I anticipate this game will unfortunately die out in less than a years time.

Selarek Avatar
1 Year ago

Some ppl are saying that it's a copy from TF2, but.. have you considered that TF2 is kinda dated, AND lots of ppl (including me) never played it before? Which makes Overwatch unique for these specific people. ALSO, the fact it is a Blizzard's game, brings it closer to the others universes ( like WoW, SC, Diablo) than any other game, this makes ppl want to stick with it, instead of a "I-came-from-nowhere" game like Battleborn, maybe?

Xerkics Avatar
1 Year ago

So i played the beta and I found it fun playing Mercy but ultimately disappointing. It has great visual and audio presentation with a variety of interesting cool looking characters but ultimately all it boils down is that its another TF2 clone, some of the characters have funky abilities but ultimately BRINK was more ground breaking than this . It just adds nothing new to the genre im sure ill get attacked by all the fan boys but it really doesnt. Heroes of the Storm by comparison opened new ground for Moba by showing more accessible equipment less game , Overwatch while its setting is cool and all really doesnt impress. I would have rather played a game in the same setting that wasnt an fps.