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Now you can play Super Smash Bros inside Overwatch

Super Smashwatch is yet another standout Workshop mode

We won’t see Super Smash Bros on home computers any time soon, but there are plenty of alternatives to Nintendo’s mascot fighter if you don’t specifically need to see Link and Mario going at it. The latest is Super Smashwatch – yet another bewilderingly lavish custom mode in the Overwatch Workshop, and one that stands comfortable alongside other Super Smash Bros PC alternatives.

Creator ajfis3 has built a custom Overwatch mode played from a 2D platformer perspective. Heroes take damage from attacks, and the more damage they’ve sustained the further they’re sent flying by subsequent blows. Kills are scored by knocking a member of the opposing team over a ledge to their doom.

In short, it plays just like Smash. There are even player shields, air dodges, and a dynamic camera to keep track of the action. The introduction video ajfis3 posted to Reddit even goes the extra mile to include Smash-style menu mockups and a full tutorial video just as you’d see in the Nintendo game.

If you want to try Super Smashwatch for yourself, the code is VZ4YG.

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That’s one more for the list of the best Overwatch Workshop codes. Naturally, you can follow that link for everything from teabag-prevention efforts to a good old take on Katamari Damacy.