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Is Oxenfree 2 Steam Deck compatible?

Delving into this 80's horror-inspired sequel shouldn't be a scary process, as just like its predecessor, Oxenfree 2 is playable on the Steam Deck.

An image of a protagonist from Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals, holding a radio and looking off to the left.

Is Oxenfree 2 Steam Deck compatible? Playing the supernatural thriller Oxenfree 2 on your Steam Deck shouldn’t be a scary process.

The original game in the series, aptly named Oxenfree, is playable on the Valve handheld. And like its predecessor, Valve has officially given word that, similarly to some of the best Steam Deck games, this spooky sequel is also playable on the device.

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Is Oxenfree 2 Steam Deck compatible?

Yes, Oxenfree 2 is Steam Deck compatible and has been given the official ‘verified’ status from Valve.

The game’s predecessor, Oxenfree, is currently playable on the Steam Deck, although the game does occasionally show mouse, keyboard, and non-Steam-Deck controllers when being played. Although Oxenfree 2 wasn’t officially compatible on the Valve handheld at launch, it has since received the coveted ‘verified’ status, making it Steam Deck compatible.

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