Best Steam Deck accessories in 2024

We've tried the best Steam Deck accessories and upgrades. Find the top docking station, case, screen protector, and SSD to enhance your handheld.

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Picking up the best Steam Deck accessories is a great way to help Valve’s handheld gaming PC shine. From microSD cards that will expand your on-the-go Steam library to docks that’ll provide the mini rig with Switch-inspired docking station capabilities, there are plenty of ways to protect your Deck and add additional functionality.

To assist you in creating the perfect handheld PC setup, we’ve put together a list of the best Steam Deck accessories available right now. Some of our picks, like the best Steam Deck dock and best Steam Deck case serve a practical purpose, but we’ve made sure to include a few unique add-ons that will make your portable device stand out from the crowd. Also, be sure to check out our best Steam Deck games guide to ensure you’re never left wanting for entertainment on the go.

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Jsaux Steam Deck dock

Best Steam Deck dock

Today’s best deals
Jsaux Steam Deck dock specifications:
USB ports 2
Power delivery 100W
HDMI ports 1
Ethernet Yes
Reasons to buy
  • Great valve
  • 4K 60fps
  • 100W Power Delivery
Reasons to avoid
  • Would benefit from extra USB ports

Just like the Nintendo Switch, you can hook the Steam Deck up to an external screen using a docking station, and the Jsuax dock is our top pick. While there are plenty of options on the market that’ll enable you to hook up a keyboard, mouse, PC controller, and screen to Valve’s handheld, we think Jsaux strikes a perfect balance between functionality and price with its offering.

The cheapest Jsuax Steam Deck dock is armed with two USB ports, HDMI output, and ethernet, but models with additional ports and functionality are available. There’s even a docking station with built-in SSD support, which could save you from trying to upgrade the handheld’s internal solid-state drive.

If you’re looking to put together a great Steam Deck TV setup, or fancy using Valve’s handheld as a low-spec desktop gaming PC, picking up a Jsaux dock is an affordable, effective solution. Sure, you could splash out on the official Steam Deck dock if you’re looking for a perfect accessory match, but we reckon this cheaper alternative still checks all the boxes.

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Xbox Wireless Controller

Best Steam Deck controller

Today’s best deals
Xbox Wireless Controller specifications:
Connection Bluetooth / USB
Power 2 x AA batteries
Buttons 18
Layout Xbox
Reasons to buy
  • Almost no set-up required
  • Broad compatibility
  • Play wired or wireless
Reasons to avoid
  • No customization
  • Uses batteries

The Xbox Wireless Controller is an absolutely fantastic choice of controller for your Steam Deck. Not only is its iconic design comfortable to hold and suitable for a wide range of games and genres, it’s also seamlessly compatible with practically every game on Steam that you’d want to use a controller for.

It really is just a case of connecting (or plugging in) your controller and that’s it. No set-up required, although you can remap the buttons if you want to. Unfortunately, there’s no real customization available though so you’ll be disappointed if you like swapping out thumb grips or adjusting the depth of the triggers. I don’t think the vast majority of gamers will be bothered by this, but more competitive members of the community might find it wanting.

It still runs on batteries, which sucks, but there’s very little that you can say against this controller. Its design has been refined through the generations by Microsoft, a manufacturer adept at making hardware for consoles and PC alike. Naturally, anyone who plays exclusively in handheld mode isn’t going to have much use for it, but those using a Steam Deck dock should definitely invest in an Xbox Wireless Controller.

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SanDisk Extreme microSDXC

Best Steam Deck MicroSD card

Today’s best deals
SanDisk Extreme microSDXC specifications:
Capacity 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Read speed 160MBps
Write speed 90MBps
UHS Class U3
Reasons to buy
  • Speedy storage access
  • Plug and play
  • Reliable
Reasons to avoid
  • 1TB gets expensive

Not all Steam Deck models are equal, and if you have the 64GB eMMC version, you’ll want to pick up a microSD card to expand your storage and download more games. SanDisk’s Extreme microSDXC card will enable you to bring a huge chunk of your Steam library on the go, and you likely won’t notice a difference in speed compared to the Deck’s internal SSD.

Even if you’ve got the 512GB Steam Deck, you could opt for a 1TB SanDisk Extreme microSD card and treble your portable capacity. Naturally, you don’t have to buy the largest 1TB option, but since the latest games take up more storage than ever, we wouldn’t recommend investing in anything less than 512GB. If you’re looking for more storage options, check out our best Steam Deck microSD card guide.

Dbrand Classic Steam Deck skin

Best Steam Deck skin

Today’s best deals
Dbrand Classic Steam Deck skin specifications:
Sizes Standard and OLED
Colors Sunrise Orange, Mellow Yellow, Seafoam Green, Sky Blue, and many others
Designs Switchdeck, Black Camo, Real Brown Leather, X-Ray, and many others
Reasons to buy
  • Great designs
  • Dbrand quality fit and finish
Reasons to avoid
  • Not the cheapest option
  • No site for UK shoppers

Dbrand’s tireless efforts to create the most coveted and sought-after wraps and skins have paid off. We think it makes the best Steam Deck skins for the quality, the sheer number of design options, and value for money. Dbrand has nailed the price-to-performance ratio here, and it has great customer relations if there’s any issue when your skin arrives for that added peace of mind.

You can customize your Dbrand skin package easily. The Essential Kit ($24.95) includes a front skin, two trackpad skins, and a microfiber cloth, or there’s a Deluxe Kit ($39.95) which includes everything in the Essential Kit plus a back skin and top strip skin to cover the edges of your Steam Deck. Although Dbrand is based in Canada, if you’re in the UK shipping is free on most orders over $30. This is the most basic skin on offer, but Dbrand has a huge range of styles and colors.

Ugreen USB switch

Best Steam Deck desktop accessory

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Ugreen USB switch specifications:
Input 2 x USB 2.0
Output 4 x USB 2.0
Video output No
Ethernet Yes
Reasons to buy
  • Easily switch between Steam Deck and PC
  • Four USB ports
  • Compact design
Reasons to avoid
  • USB 2.0
  • No video out

Swapping between a Steam Deck dock setup and a desktop PC is a pain, but picking up a Ugreen USB switch box will save you from unplugging your mouse, keyboard, and other devices every time you want to change the machine. In practice the add-on functions just like a four-port USB hub that can hook up to two different devices at once, enabling you to seamlessly jump between the two with a button.

If you’ve looked up how to install Xbox Game Pass on Steam Deck or anything else that involves desktop mode tomfoolery, you’ll know that plugging in a mouse and keyboard is almost mandatory. So, while you’ll likely always choose to play games on your actual PC over your Deck when seated, being able to instantly hook up all your standard peripherals is a boon. Naturally, connecting up the switch box will also expand your docking station’s IO, something that could make all the difference when using our favorite Steam Deck dock.

Sabrent Rocket 2230

Best Steam Deck SSD

Today’s best deals
Sabrent Rocket 2230 specifications:
Capacity up to 1TB
Interface PCIe 4.0 x 4
Sequential read Up to 4,750MB/s
Sequential write Up to 4,300MB/s
Form factor M.2 Type-2230
Reasons to buy
  • Right size for Steam Deck
  • Great specs
  • Durable
Reasons to avoid
  • Requires opening up your Deck

Okay, we get it, upgrading your Steam Deck SSD is more exciting than popping in a microSD card, and the Sabrent Rocket 2230 makes for a perfect fit. Unlike most of the best SSD for gaming options out there, the Rocket 2230 is the same size and Deck’s solid state drive, meaning it won’t interfere with the handheld’s other components.

In terms of specs, the Sabrent Rocket 2230 is an NVMe PCIe 4.0 SSD that boasts 4750MBps and 4300MBps respective read/write speeds. Simply put, you’ll be able to easily meet system requirements relating to storage, and loading screens won’t linger for as long. Just like with other SSDs, you’ll also be able to choose between 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB, so you won’t have to necessarily pick up the highest capacity drive.

Switching your PC to solid-state? Have a glance at our best SSD for gaming picks.

Anker Powercore+

Best Steam Deck power bank

Today’s best deals
Anker Powercore+ specifications:
Capacity 26800mAh
Power output 1 x 45W USB, 2 x 15W USB
Weight 590g
Reasons to buy
  • 45W output
  • Huge capacity
  • Charges more than one device at once
Reasons to avoid
  • Pretty expensive

Battery life isn’t one of Steam Deck’s greatest strengths, especially if you’re running the best Steam Deck games on the go. So, to prevent unexpected shutdowns from spoiling your session, we’d suggest adding an Anker Powercore+ power bank to your accessory arsenal.

Thanks to its impressive 26800mAh capacity, the Anker Powercore+ can fully charge the Steam Deck up to five times. It’ll also provide juice just as fast as your regular charger, as it matches the Deck’s 45W requirements. That’s not to say you’ll only be able to connect Valve’s portable, as it’ll happily give your smartphone and most other USB devices a battery boost.

Jsaux Steam Deck ModCase

Best Steam Deck case

Today’s best deals
Jsaux Steam Deck ModCase specifications:
Type Shell
Material PC-ABS and silicone
Weight 590g
Reasons to buy
  • Compact
  • Modular support for other accessories
  • Kickstand
Reasons to avoid
  • No compartments like a traditional case
  • Some areas of the back exposed

The Steam Deck comes with a case, but it doesn’t meet every need you might have. If you want another option (or bought a caseless second-hand model), you’ll want to check out Jsaux’s modular option, as well as our guide to the best Steam Deck cases. The ModCase provides the Steam Deck with drop resistance, a clip-on screen cover, and a strap attachment that’ll hold other accessories like the Anker Powercore+.

The ModCase won’t be for everyone, but its sculpted design means it’ll ultimately take up less space in your backpack. There’s still a case to be made for using a larger zip-up solution, especially if you’ve got a lot of additional Steam Deck accessories. However, if you pop the charger onto the strap mentioned above and use the built-in kickstand instead of a cradle or dock when out and about, you probably won’t miss the extra space.

Ivoler Steam Deck screen protector

Best Steam Deck screen protector

Today’s best deals
Ivoler Steam Deck screen protector specifications:
Type Tempered glass
Hardness 9H
Thickness 0.3mm
Reasons to buy
  • Easy to apply
  • Affordable
  • Ultra-thin profile
Reasons to avoid
  • May diminish screen qualities

Failing to protect your Deck will result in scratches, but using a Steam Deck screen protector can help. Ivoler’s Steam Deck screen protector kit adds an extra layer without many of the usual caveats. The pack comes with two ultra-thin tempered glass sheets that are specifically designed to fit Valve’s handheld display, and 99.9% transparency means it’ll look like part of the portable PC’s panel.

Anyone who has a screen protector on their smartphone will already know that lining it up perfectly is a pain. Thankfully, Ivoler includes an ‘easy install frame’ with its kit, which takes a lot of frustration out of the process. Once applied, your Steam Deck will be shielded from scratchy shenanigans, as each protector is as hard as diamonds. That’s not to say you should meet your portable PC around carefree, but you’ll at least be protected from any unfortunate handheld mishaps.

Jsaux Steam Deck backplate

Best Steam Deck backplate

Today’s best deals
Jsaux Steam Deck backplate specifications:
Type Replacement backplate
Material PC-ABS and aluminium
Reasons to buy
  • High-quality plastic
  • Adds a pop of color
  • Passive cooling qualities
Reasons to avoid
  • Requires disassembly

Wish your Steam Deck looked more like a Gameboy Colour? Well, you can transform Valve’s handheld into a ’90s translucent tribute using one of Jsaux’s black plates. The company sells a colorful collection of replacement parts for the Deck that’ll reveal the device’s innards and trade away its default all-black aesthetic. Take that, Henry Ford!

Admittedly, the idea of removing the back of your Steam Deck might unnerve some of you, but the process is easier than you’d think. In addition, the box includes the right screwdriver, additional screws, and a spudger, so you’ll have everything required at your disposal. While replacing the Deck’s back will help inject a bit of personality into the portable, it’ll also add a passive cooling pad to the device, saving your fans from kicking in quite as often with disruptive noise.

Corsair HS65 Wireless

Best Steam Deck headset

Today’s best deals
Corsair HS65 Wireless specifications:
Drivers 50mm with neodymium magnets
Connectivity 2.4GHz / Bluetooth
Frequency response 20Hz – 20kHz
Weight 288g
Battery life Up to 24 hours
Reasons to buy
  • Heaps of style
  • 2.4GHz and Bluetooth
  • Decent mic quality
Reasons to avoid
  • Mic isn’t detachable

Look, no one wants to be the person blasting PC game audio out in public, and the Corsair HS65 Wireless is one the best gaming headsets for Steam Deck. While you could hook up the HS65 Surround to the Deck using its headphone jack, the coreless option is in keeping with the idea of portability.

Corsair knows a thing or two about headsets, and you won’t have to worry about the HS65’s Bluetooth audio quality. However, there’s a 2.4GHz wireless adapter in the box, meaning you could use that when connected to a Steam Deck dock.

Unlike many other pairs of gaming cans, the HS65 Wireless boasts style and functionality that feels suited to outside play. The headset’s cups also swivel flat, meaning they’ll fit nicely in a bag or around your neck in between sessions.

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What else do you need with a Steam Deck?

You might not need anything. As long as you have a Steam account, you can get started as soon as you get it out of the box. Having said that, there’s so much you can do with the Steam Deck that lots of different people are going to want to expand their setup. For example, you might want a microSD to increase storage space, a controller for docked play, a headset for playing online with friends, and countless other accessories. You could always get started without one and then wait until you have a feel for what works for you.

What controller is best for Steam Deck?

We recommend the Xbox Wireless Controller due to its comfortable design, easy set-up, and broad compatibility with most Steam games. If you want more suggestions, read our guide on the best PC controllers, where we’ve gone over a broad selection of controllers and highlighted the unique appeal of each one.

Does Valve make official Steam Deck accessories?

Yes, you can buy first-party Steam Deck accessories, as Valve includes a branded case with its handheld and sells an official Steam Deck dock. That’s not to say third-party options are sub-par, as our list features great add-ons by a variety of reputable brands.

Does the Steam Deck come with a case?

All versions of the Steam Deck come with a carry case, but the 512GB model comes with an “exclusive” variant. Subtle differences include a different lining and a blue accent on the front logo, and it also comes with a microfiber cloth and mesh power adapter pouch.

Our list of the best Steam Deck games is also worth a read if you’re new to the platform.